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Transformations: Exhibition Tour with the Wende Museum

Hosted By: DOROT

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The series of (mostly) peaceful revolutions that took down the Berlin Wall effectively ended state socialism in Eastern Europe, and brought not just a political but also a material transformation. With newly-acquired access to Western commercial goods and a motivation to move beyond a socialist past, much of the material culture and art that defined life in the Eastern Bloc was either placed in storage or discarded in landfills following the end of the Cold War conflict.

Join Michael Balot-Garza, Education Manager at the Wende Museum in Culver City, CA, for a virtual tour of Transformations, an immersive four-part exhibition that follows the journey of former Eastern Bloc objects from Living Room to Flea Market to Museum to Contemporary Art Gallery.

The Wende is an art museum, historical archive of the Cold War, and center for creative community engagement that explores and inspires change.