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Israel at 75: Where We Go from Here

Hosted By: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Tuesday, May 16, 12 pm ET: Parched no more? How Israel is turning lemons into lemonade. About 90% of Israel’s wastewater is recycled, mostly for agricultural use. How has Israel become the world’s leader in wastewater recycling and, together with desalination and agricultural innovation, turned the country’s problem of water scarcity upside down? What’s Israel’s record like on other environmental issues? With author Seth M. Siegel and Israeli environmentalist Maya Jacobs.
Tuesday, May 23, 12 pm ET: It’s getting crowded in here. Israel’s birthrate is more than double the American Jewish average and the country is in the midst of a period of remarkable development — just consider all the new skyscrapers and apartment towers rising all over the country. Is Israel’s remarkable growth a blessing or a curse? With former Knesset member Alon Tal & others.