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How to Measure a Life, Part 1: What Obituaries Can Teach Us

Hosted By: Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

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Arienne Pelletier


In 2016, the documentary Obit looked at the New York Times obituary writers who capture the lives of the famous and infamous. Much of this writing is done well in advance of the subject’s death, through interviews with the person. Prior to the class, participants will be asked to watch the film at home. Participants will discuss the film and examine the following questions for three obituaries: How did the person’s birth family affect their lives, how does the place where one lives or chooses to move have an impact, and what were the person’s highest priorities? You will look at their skills and strengths, flaws and wrong turns, and what they have to do with us. The class will come not from a morbid place but one of celebration! A link to the film will be sent upon registration.