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Moving Through Grief and Building Resilience

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Judaism believes that every moment of life is precious and of infinite value. So what happens when life ends, and how do we as loved ones in mourning cope with this loss? Explore these questions and more as we discover the Jewish approach to grief and loss with the author of the Modern Loss Handbook, Rebecca Soffer and AJU’s Chief Innovation Officer, Rabbi Sherre Hirsch. The Modern Loss movement works to eradicate the stigma and awkwardness around grief while also focusing on your capacity for resilience and finding meaning. You’ll learn how to confront a future without your person, honor their memory, deal with trigger days, manage your professional life, and navigate new and existing relationships. The Modern Loss Handbook is for anyone who has lost their “person” or wants to give something meaningful and effective to someone who has, buy the book HERE. https://www.runningpress.com/titles/rebecca-soffer/the-modern-loss-handbook/9780762474813/